Redefining the future of yard work
at Mowr App.

Have you ever heard of Uber? Or Lyft? Or any other ride-sharing service? Well, I was tasked with redefining the future of yard work by designing an Uber-esque
experience to make yard work easier for the world. Below you’ll find more about my experience working with the Mowr App team when their “company” was simply just an idea scribbled out onto a piece of paper.


UI Designer & Brand Strategist


2 Cofounders


February 2018 – March 2018

The Challenge

  • Understanding what specific problems each of the 2 types of users had.
  • Designing a simple, Uber-esque, mobile experience.
  • Creating a development plan for the future iteration of an Android build.

Our Approach

  • Researching & understanding why people love Uber & Lyft.
  • Practicing agile design workflows & iterating on feedback.
  • Design, test, and build a full mobile product with Marvel App, Sketch, & Swift.

Gathering research, understanding our users

Some of our early-stage research & inspiration

When working on the first initial research for the Mowr App idea, we spent a lot of time researching various design patterns online, as well as why certain
users loved sleek simple Uber-esque styles.

We learned 2 things:
• What made Uber and Lyft so popular was infact their simple UI – order a ride with the tap of a button.
• If we were going to spend time on this, it was important to figure out the “chicken and egg” problem – getting both sides of users on at once.

We then started sketching out some initial iterations, based on the user stories we generated.

“As a local resident, I’d like to pay someone to mowe my lawn.”

“As a local resident, I’d like to get paid to mowe someone else’s lawn.”

These user stories helped us design our first iterations

First iterations

When we started to sketch out some of our first initial iterations, we made sure that we spent time really breaking down the simplistic UI of Uber & Lyft. We needed to create a seamless, simple, “order-in-a-tap”, “on-demand”, mobile experience – and somehow do it all differently.

Some of our early mockups and ideas

Finalizing our mobile experience

After spending some time sketching out initial thoughts, I very quickly learned exactly what was needed to make this flow seamless. A quick “order-in-a-tap” feature, as well as a simplistic color choice – balancing white space with pops of bright green to resemble blades of grass. Some other choices we made were to design “next-step” screens – for example a screen that alerts the user that the app is now searching for a mowr nearby.
Little decisions like this made sure that the user would feel comfortable with a brand-new, yet similar UI.

Want to try it out?

Test out the full prototype to the right or
download the iOS or Anroid app.

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