UI Artist & Operations Guru

Jonnie Rozin

Iā€™m a user interface designer with mad skills in operations. I create powerful processes to keep a business alive, running, and growing, & bridge the gap to create beautifully-functional designs along the way. Bringing smarts & beauty to the conversation is what makes me unique. Currently at Seek Discomfort, running the day-to-day, putting out fires, and designing gorgeous interfaces to help our global customer base.

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2020 - Present - Director Of Operations / UI Designer

Seek Discomfort - COMING SOON

Clothing Brand

The Seek Discomfort brand is designed for people who are committed to chasing their wildest dreams and uncovering the beauty that lies outside their comfort zone. We believe this philosophy has the power to change the world.

February 2019 ā€“ May 2019 - UI Designer & Brand Strategist

Designing a digital web & mobile interface at Skoop.

Mobility Advertising

Their electric bike taxi fleets move passengers from point A to B. Each vehicle has digital advertising displays attached to the exterior and interior.

September 2019 ā€“ Present - CEO & Founder

Building something from nothing at JustGrabIt.

Borrowing Items

For this project, I want you to think hard. Think about the last time someone you know borrowed something from you. Now, what if I told you, next time you could get paid for that? Would you freak?! šŸ˜† I know I would.

September 2014 ā€“ February 2018 - CEO, Cofounder, & Lead of UX/UI

Creating a digital identity and a mobile experience at Squeel.

Sports Trash Talking

Simply put, our goal with Squeel was to build a sports trash talking app that brought people together through trash talking each other about sports. It was a crazy mission, but for a short amount of time, it succeeded.

February 2018 ā€“ March 2018 - UI Designer & Brand Strategist

Redefining the future of yard work at Mowr App.

Yard Work

Have you ever heard of Uber? Or Lyft? Or any other ride-sharing service? Well, I was tasked with redefining the future of yard work by designing an Uber-esque experience to make yard work easier for the world.